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The Judgement

THE JOYOUS.  Success.
Perseverance is favorable.

The Image

Lakes resting one on the other:
The image of THE JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins with his friends
For discussion and practice.

Line Poems

  • 6 - Seductive joyousness.
  • 5 - Sincerity toward disintegrating influences is dangerous.
  • 4 - Joyousness that is weighed is not at peace. After ridding himself of mistakes a man has joy.
  • 3 - Coming joyousness.  Misfortune.
  • 2 - Sincere joyousness.  Good fortune. Remorse disappears.
  • 1 - Contented joyousness.  Good fortune.


This hexagram, like sun, is one of the eight formed by doubling of a trigram. 
The trigram Tui denotes the youngest daughter; it is symbolized by the smiling lake, and its attribute is joyousness. 
Contrary to appearances, it is not the yielding quality of the top line that accounts for joy here. 
The attribute of the yielding or dark principle is not joy but melancholy. 
However, joy is indicated by the fact that there are two strong lines within, expressing themselves through the medium of gentleness.

True joy, therefore, rests on firmness and strength within, manifesting itself outwardly as yielding and gentle.
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