Abounding (55)


The Judgement

ABUNDANCE has success.
The king attains abundance.
Be not sad.
Be like the sun at midday.

The Image

Both thunder and lightning come:
The image of ABUNDANCE.
Thus the superior man decides lawsuits
And carries out punishments.

Line Poems

  • 6 - His house is in a state of abundance. He screens off his family. He peers through the gate And no longer perceives anyone. For three years he sees nothing. Misfortune.
  • 5 - Lines are coming, Blessing and fame draw near. Good fortune.
  • 4 - The curtain is of such fullness That the polestars can be seen at noon. He meets his ruler, who is of like kind. Good fortune.
  • 3 - The underbrush is of such abundance That the small stars can be seen at noon. He breaks his right arm.  No blame.
  • 2 - The curtain is of such fullness That the polestars can be seen at noon. Through going one meets with mistrust and hate. If one rouses him through truth, Good fortune comes.
  • 1 - When a man meets his destined ruler, They can be together ten days, And it is not a mistake. Going meets with recognition.


Chên is movement; Li is flame, whose attribute is clarity. 
Clarity within, movement without—this produces greatness and abundance. 
The hexagram pictures a period of advanced civilization. 
However, the fact that development has reached a peak suggests that this extraordinary condition of abundance cannot be maintained permanently.
Code Incarnate