Confining (47)


The Judgement

OPPRESSION.  Success.  Perseverance.
The great man brings about good fortune.
No blame.
When one has something to say,
It is not believed.

The Image

There is no water in the lake:
The image of EXHAUSTION.
Thus the superior man stakes his life
On following his will.

Line Poems

  • 6 - He is oppressed by creeping vines. He moves uncertainly and says, “Movement brings remorse.” If one feels remorse over this and makes a start, Good fortune comes.
  • 5 - His nose and feet are cut off. Oppression at the hands of the man with the purple knee bands. Joy comes softly. It furthers one to make offerings and libations.
  • 4 - He comes very quietly, oppressed in a golden carriage. Humiliation, but the end is reached.
  • 3 - A man permits himself to be oppressed by stone, And leans on thorns and thistles. He enters his house and does not see his wife. Misfortune.
  • 2 - One is oppressed while at meat and drink. The man with the scarlet knee bands is just coming. It furthers one to offer sacrifice. To set forth brings misfortune. No blame.
  • 1 - One sits oppressed under a bare tree And strays into a gloomy valley. For three years one sees nothing.


The lake is above, water below; the lake is empty, dried up. 
Exhaustion is expressed in yet another way: at the top, a dark line is holding down two light lines; below, a light line is hemmed in between two dark ones. 
The upper trigram belongs to the principle of darkness, the lower to the principle of light. 
Thus everywhere superior men are oppressed and held in restraint by inferior men.
Code Incarnate