Ascending (46)


The Judgement

PUSHING UPWARD has supreme success.
One must see the great man.
Fear not.
Departure toward the south
Brings good fortune.

The Image

Within the earth, wood grows:
The image of PUSHING UPWARD.
Thus the superior man of devoted character
Heaps up small things
In order to achieve something high and great.

Line Poems

  • 6 - Pushing upward in darkness. It furthers one To be unremittingly persevering.
  • 5 - Perseverance brings good fortune. One pushes upward by steps.
  • 4 - The king offers him Mount Ch’i. Good fortune.  No blame.
  • 3 - One pushes upward into an empty city.
  • 2 - If one is sincere, It furthers one to bring even a small offering. No blame.
  • 1 - Pushing upward that meets with confidence Brings great good fortune.


The lower trigram, Sun, represents wood, and the upper, K’un, means the earth. 
Linked with this is the idea that wood in the earth grows upward. 
In contrast to the meaning of Chin, PROGRESS (35), this pushing upward is associated with effort, just as a plant needs energy for pushing upward through the earth. 
That is why this hexagram, although it is connected with success, is associated with effort of the will. 
In PROGRESS the emphasis is on expansion; PUSHING UPWARD indicates rather a vertical ascent—direct rise from obscurity and lowliness to power and influence.
Code Incarnate