Nearing (19)


The Judgement

APPROACH has supreme success.
Perseverance furthers.
When the eighth month comes,
There will be misfortune.

The Image

The earth above the lake:
The image of APPROACH.
Thus the superior man is inexhaustible
In his will to teach,
And without limits
In his tolerance and protection of the people.

Line Poems

  • 6 - Great hearted approach. Good fortune.  No blame.
  • 5 - Wise approach. This is right for a great prince. Good fortune.
  • 4 - Complete approach. No blame.
  • 3 - Comfortable approach. Nothing that would further. If one is induced to grieve over it, One becomes free of blame.
  • 2 - Joint approach. Good fortune. Everything furthers.
  • 1 - Joint approach. Perseverance brings good fortune.


The Chinese word lin has a range of meanings that is not exhausted by any single word of another language. 
The ancient explanations in the Book of Changes give as its first meaning, “becoming great.” 
What becomes great are the two strong lines growing into the hexagram from below; the light–giving power expands with them. 
The meaning is then further extended to include the concept of approach, especially the approach of what is strong and highly placed in relation to what is lower. 
Finally the meaning includes the attitude of condescension of a man in high position toward the people, and in general the setting to work on affairs. 
This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month (January–February), when, after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again.
Code Incarnate