Obstruction (12)


The Judgement

STANDSTILL.  Evil people do not further
The perseverance of the superior man.
The great departs; the small approaches.

The Image

Heaven and earth do not unite:
The image of STANDSTILL.
Thus the superior man falls back upon his inner worth
In order to escape the difficulties.
He does not permit himself to be honored with revenue.

Line Poems

  • 6 - The standstill comes to an end. First standstill, then good fortune.
  • 5 - Standstill is giving way. Good fortune for the great man. “What if it should fail, what if it should fail?” In this way he ties it to a cluster of mulberry shoots.
  • 4 - He who acts at the command of the highest Remains without blame. Those of like mind partake of the blessing.
  • 3 - They bear shame.
  • 2 - They bear and endure; This means good fortune for inferior people. The standstill serves to help the great man to attain success.
  • 1 - When ribbon grass is pulled up, the sod comes with it. Each according to his kind. Perseverance brings good fortune and success.


This hexagram is the opposite of the preceding one. 
Heaven is above, drawing farther and farther away, while the earth below sinks farther into the depths. 
The creative powers are not in relation. 
It is a time of standstill and decline. 
This hexagram is linked with the seventh month (August–September), when the year has passed its zenith and autumnal decay is setting in.
Code Incarnate